In one night you can visit a best night bars where you can feel local life and enjoy the drinks, music, in company of our guides.

1. Barmaglot bar

Barmaglot (Jabberwocky) is the bar with a character. This is the place not only for relaxing alcohol and colorful cocktails but also, it is the place for living. Learn, communicate, fall in love, have fun or just relax! Barmaglot will delight you with a great interior, designed in the style of crazy Carrol's Alice really, so it is a diverse bar with friendly staff. Our guys are not just served you your favorite short or long drink, but also they will be happy to chat with you.

2. Williams Bar

William Lawson's 13 The Bar, a Scottish bar is an atmosphere of absolute ideological disgrace in the style of no rules. At the same time, WL13Bar is the place where things speak more words. They work in order to give you all the ways and feed them with delicious food, laugh together and yell to exhaustion during the broadcast of the matches of your favorite teams, know the names of all your relatives, cat and the home turtle, brag about tattoos and photos from the holidays. The first floor is a classic bar where the men will always find something to talk about, and the ladies will get the most attention from the bearded guys in the kilts .... Let's not hide that every young lady brought up for at least one night dreams of a noble hooligan or maybe Gerard Butler. The second floor is the focus of fun and inactive dances on Friday and Saturday. A large bar and comfortable sofas. Everyone will find for themselves what they fall in love with finally and irrevocably. The bar has a lot of whiskey and beer. The bar prepares a lot of cocktails, but they do not make a cult out of it. The bar loves everyone and they are glad to everyone. If you like to chat and have fun, then it is obligatory for a meeting. The bar does it all in Scottish, and in Scottish it means without rules and ceremonies. Coming to us, remember: 'everything that happens in WL13Bar, remains in WL13Bar'.

3. Shekspeare pub

With more than 60 thousand bustling pubs scattered throughout England, there is indeed a reason why pubs are commonly frequented by people from all walks of life. Almost every Brit in every British town or city has their own, favourite and carefully chosen pub to frequent. As a matter of fact, pubs are an essential part of the social culture in many urban centres. There is no social experience quite like the face to face social interaction and camaraderie you will find present in the pub atmosphere. Buying a beverage for your mate is the right thing to do when you visit the pub. For centuries now, pubs have been the ideal meeting ground for friends and business acquaintances alike. Traditionally, pubs were the gathering ground for business men to both discuss business matters and the ideal place to relieve the stress and tensions of the day. Pub life has evolved into an atmosphere that resonates a welcoming feeling through friendly gatherings, spirited sports watching, and eating of delicious pub fare. The pub meeting spot is a great place to simply celebrate the day for everyone! Now it can be positively acknowledged that there is at least one truly English pub in Almaty! Come in and thoroughly enjoy yourself at the «Shakespeare» Pub. All are welcome! What do classicist William Shakespeare and a beer pub have in common? The authentic English signature of course! A Pub is neither a restaurant with a low key chamber environment nor a youth café or a splashy nightclub. The classic English Pub represents a symbiosis of relaxed atmosphere, freedom and cosiness. Here you can find new friends, have a couple of beers (or more!), have a business discussion, root for your favourite football team, relax after a hard working day or just hang out with your fellow mates….The Shakespeare Pub is Ace - or brilliant to put it in true English terms! The «Shakespeare» philosophy can be expressed with just a few words - hearty, tasty and most definitely affordable. Come in once and perhaps you will have the wish to come back here few times a week. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a beer lover, you should still absolutely visit a pub. «Shakespeare» will please you with its traditional brutal style of interior and welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Foreign expatriates, white collars, businessmen, football fans and many others have already put the name of Shakespeare on their list of favourite places to relax. Here you will find a home away from home, a place to unwind and enjoy yourself or to celebrate just about anything you want to! Do you still have doubts: «To beer or not to be?» Or are you closer to the true: «Two beer or not two beer?» Welcome to Shakespeare!

Tour of the best bars in Almaty

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