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Kok-Tobe mountain is located at an altitude of 1070 meters above sea level. Mountain has several names as Blue Hill and Verigina mountain. The name of the Hill is given by Russian settlers in the 19 th century, it was called Verigina mountain among townspeople it was the most known place.

Here installed the television tower with a height of 372 meters, which, together with the Mountain Rose reaches the clouds. With the top of the mountain opens, especially on clear mornings, excellent panorama not only of Almaty, but also to the South is crowned with snow peaks of the majestic Alatau. On Mountain Kok-Tobe trendsetter Cardin dreamed set against a backdrop of Alatau is the highest in the world podium, rotating Trainspotting. Local architects in the meantime earnest designed on top of a mountain Palace of Supreme Council of the Republic, and on its slopes- public mansions, having them along the granite stairs to the square of Abay.

City legends say that the mountain owes its name to the Soviet pilot Verigin, whose plane crashed into the counter somewhere in the 30s. As if there was a grave on the site of the tragedy, overgrown now with grass. Others believe that the mountain was named in memory of fellow countryman Nikolai Verigin, whether a saddler or an agronomist Michurinets. It was he who, they say, mastered the foothills behind the Anuchin gorge, that at the Wet key, he planted gardens with fragrant apples and pears.


To reach the Kok Tobe mountain in the most exciting and unusual way is to become a passenger of a unique cable car connecting the center of Almaty city and Kok Tobe. The starting point is the station, which is located along Dostyk Avenue. The length of the cable car is 1,620 meters, the journey time is 6 minutes, for which you can observe the life of the city from above - directly below you are green gardens, private houses, and behind them stretch endless city skyscrapers. Gradually, you will see a new face of the city, and this is really an unforgettable experience. The upper station is located in the territory of Kok Tobe Park, which is a kind of 'gateway' to the realm of crystal clear air, hospitality and inexhaustible delight.

A bit of history: The construction of the cable car began in 1965 with the laying of the lower station near the Palace of the Republic. The project provided for the main priorities - high reliability, all-weather and comfort of visitors.

On November 4, 1967, the construction of a unique resting place on Kok mountain was completed. In 2005, the old cableway was reconstructed.

• The length of the cable car is 1,620 meters.

• The differences between the stations are 250 meters.

• The speed can be adjusted from 0.5 to 6 meters per second.

• On a new cable car 17 new booths ply

• Capacity of each 8 people


Ferris wheel

This you have not seen before! What can be more beautiful than climbing the height of a bird's flight and from there watch the life of a huge metropolis? In our park you can visit the unique attraction 'Ferris wheel', whose height reaches 30 meters, 1,130 meters above sea level. Capacity 120 people at a time, installed 20 cabins, in one booth 6 seats. The wheel is equipped with closed cabins, which allows the carousel to receive visitors all year round. Cabs are more secure, inside are installed soft seats, open the window.

Fast Coaster

Any Almaty resident, having glanced at the side of Kok Tobe Mountain at night, could observe the long luminous paths, smooth waves descending almost to the very bottom.

This is the only fast descent in Kazakhstan on the rails on the sleigh Fast Coaster. Going down at a speed of 45 km/h, you can not only make a breathtaking adventure, feel the adrenaline rush, enjoy the view of the picturesque landscape, but also really inhale the fresh, mountain air full of chest. And if you decide to make the descent in the evening, you will have a stunning view of the night city, drowned in millions of colorful lights.

Alice in the Looking Glass

The attraction 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' is calling for an exciting journey, into a world of new sensations. The winding paths of the endless labyrinth will take you and your kids farther and farther from the exit. Mysterious and wonderful world of looking through the mirror for children and adults awaits you in the park 'Kok Tobe'.

Climbing wall

Climbing wall 'Astana' Peak under the open sky, is an active form of entertainment, which immediately won the sympathy among fans of climbing Routes are from complexity. From the lightest (5A) to the very complex (7A). Their forces at the gym can try everyone, starting from the age of five, and used equipment was the best companies in the world, specializing in the manufacture of attributes for mountaineering and climbing. On physical activity climbing is not inferior to fitness, because it involves all muscle groups. It develops coordination and plastic, strong-willed human quality. It is not only entertainment, but also sport. Also, climbing perfectly relieves stress and allows you to really shake off fatigue from the routine work day.

Contact zoo

We invite you and your kids to visit the contact zoo! For today in our contact zoo it is possible to see 15 kinds of animals. This is an African hedgehog, an unusual mountain squirrel, and even a white pig. Among the guests there are also goats, zebra amadines, several rabbits and guinea pigs, turtles and parrots. While some animals just undergo adaptation. But most of them are already allowed to touch and iron. And also: the Zoo and the Exotarium.


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