• Venice Carnival
It is impossible to change fate, but there is a place on earth where almost everything can be changed once a year: face, clothes, gender, age, habits, desires. To survive these wonderful transformations, you just need to be in Venice at the carnival .... 'City of arrival: Rome Duration of tour: 8 days. Date of arrival: 16.02.2019 - 23.02.2019. Day of arrival: Sat tour: ExcursionLeisure type: CarnivalPasses through the countries: Italy, Route: Rome - Rimini - Venice - (Padua) - (Verona) - Montecatini - Florence - (Pisa (Siena) - (San Gimignano) - Rome - (Naples Pompeii) Short description: Venice Carnival is one of the most colorful events in Europe, which dates back to the 13th century. The holiday has attracted millions of tourists from all over ira. Guests will be able to plunge into the carnival atmosphere of celebration, to take part in parades, taste a variety of different treats, and even hire a carnival costume and carnival masku.Prazdnovanie beyond the Venice and is celebrated throughout Italy. 

Venice Carnival

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