Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Welcome to Sri Lanka!
 Sri Lanka (in trans. Blessed Land) - a country of absolute exoticism - this is how one can call a small island located in the Indian Ocean. Of the 130 world historical values ​​protected by UNESCO, seven are located on this amazing island. 
Capital of Sri Lanka-Colombo
Official language Sinhala and Tamil
Currency Sri Lanka rupee
Religion Buddhism, Islam
Despite the fact that Sri Lanka is rather small, herds of wild elephants live on the island, which can be seen from July to September in a place called “The Gathering”. On the island, a rare species of animals — tiny, gray, thin lory — has been brought back to life. In Yala National Park, leopards, buffaloes, bears and a variety of birds feel great. And the biggest mammals on Earth - blue whales - migrate off the coast of Sri Lanka. To admire all the beauties of the island, travelers can easily use public transport, which routes cover most of Sri Lanka.
If the tourist needs more comfort, then hiring a car with a private driver will not be much more expensive than renting a car in the USA.
As for hospitality, to say that the people of the country are friendly is to say nothing. Sri Lanka is a paradise for surfers. A package for two is all inclusive in hotels of Lavanga Resort Spa 5 *. From January 11, 2019 - January 18, 2019. The cost of $ 2079.

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